Instructional Design Director

Paola Baglietto

Paola Baglietto is the Director of Instructional Design for CareerWise. Born and raised in Mexico City, Paola immigrated to Colorado in 2015. Her experience spans from the corporate world -where she developed organizational culture programs, to the nonprofit sector -where she led a social mobility program for indigenous entrepreneurs and most importantly education -where she has spent over 12 years teaching, leading training teams and building curriculum at the secondary, post-secondary and technical levels. 

Paola has lived all over the world, speaks several languages and has spearheaded cross-functional educational programs for private and public institutions in Colorado, France and Mexico. She has also consulted with various size businesses on culture, instructional design, access to opportunity, community outreach and DEI. 

She holds a bachelor’s in business, two master’s degrees (education, and language curriculum), a graduate specialization in HR development, and she is a doctoral candidate at Middlebury College.