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Upskill to Get Ahead

By Shauna Harman | CareerWise marketing manager

Published from CareerWise Colorado.

Whether you’re a student that is hoping to land an apprenticeship this spring/summer, a current apprentice, or even an established professional, now is a great time to learn a new skill that can help further your career. Employers call it upskilling or professional development, but no matter what it’s called, it boils down to learning something new that you can use on the job.

Why upskill?
  • If you’re preparing for an interview, upskilling during this time is a great way to develop skills you can show off to help you get the job.
  • If you’re already in an apprenticeship, you’re learning new skills all of the time. Take this opportunity to show your initiative—it’s always impressive when an apprentice goes above and beyond and shows a dedication to getting better through upskilling.
  • And if you’re a full-time employee, you probably already know that the more you can demonstrate your value in uncertain times, the more you’re likely to advance in your career. Upskilling is a perfect way to do that.

Resources to help you upskill

There are endless low- and no-cost online courses you can take to help you land that job or take the next step in your career, and we’ve compiled many of them here or by clicking the button below. There you’ll find links to resources that will help you get ready for your first professional job (or brush up on foundational skills if you’ve already launched your career with an apprenticeship), learn technical and IT skills (like a new coding language), and personal/professional development skills (like time management and personal finance).


If the Coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we’re going to need to be able to adapt to new ways of working in a post COVID-19 world. The more you can demonstrate to employers that you are a lifelong learner, willing and anxious to develop new skills and refine those you already have, the more advancement opportunities you’ll make for yourself.