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USDOL Apprenticeship Ambassadors

CareerWise Colorado and CareerWise New York have been recognized as United States Department of Labor Apprenticeship Ambassadors.

The USDOL’s Apprenticeship Ambassador Initiative was established as a nationwide coalition consisting of employers, labor organizations, industry associations, program sponsors, educators, workforce intermediaries, community-based organizations, and other stakeholders. This coalition aims to play a pivotal role in advocating for the growth and diversification of registered apprenticeships. 

CareerWise Colorado and CareerWise New York join the second cohort among 98 organizations chosen to serve as Apprenticeship Ambassadors in addition to the 205 already in service through the first cohort. As an ambassador, the organizations are committed to continuing to grow the amount of students and businesses in their youth apprenticeship networks.

In a statement  from the USDOL, Acting Assistant Secretary for Employment and Training Brent Parton said: “The Department of Labor has recruited 303 organizations to raise their voices in support of Registered Apprenticeships and help strengthen an economy that works for all by increasing awareness of and access to good-paying jobs. Our Apprenticeship Ambassadors represent industries that are key to rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure, bolstering its advanced manufacturing capabilities, and expanding equitable access to Registered Apprenticeships in many industries.”

CareerWise Colorado was founded in 2016, followed by a 2019 launch of CareerWise New York. The two organizations offer modern youth apprenticeships in 21st-century fields such as IT, financial services, and business operations that provide apprentices with a practical learning experience that multiplies their post-secondary options, and employers with an innovative new talent pipeline for hard-to-fill positions.