Built-In Efficiencies for Faster, Cost-Effective Launches

Implementing a youth apprenticeship program—even with the head start CareerWise can provide—is an intensely collaborative endeavor. From creating a coalition of local industry and education partners to on-boarding apprentices, there’s a high degree of coming together as a community as you change the dynamic between traditionally siloed institutions to create more opportunities for more young people and innovative talent pipelines for businesses.

Here are the initial steps we can take together to help build a modern youth apprenticeship system:

  1. Leadership in your community will work with CareerWise staff to review and complete CareerWise’s Community Readiness Framework [LINK] so that CareerWise and local leadership can evaluate areas of strength and opportunities.
  2. Local leadership and CareerWise will align the responsibilities of each partner, as well as how the CareerWise technology, tools and processes are deployed.
  3. CareerWise will assign a Community Program Manager to provide dedicated support and consultation to your community.
  4. Your community will be set up with initial tools including providing access to CareerWise’s ‘Document Vault’, documented processes, marketing collateral, a CareerWise logo and a website specific to your community, and access to CareerWise’s technology platforms (the Apprenticeship Hub, Apprenticeship Management System, and Salesforce database system).
  5. CareerWise will support local leadership in target setting for the pilot launch and in the creation of a work plan.

Sample Implementation Timeline