CareerWise CEO Named Employer Co-Chair to USDOL Advisory Committee On Apprenticeship

DENVER – March 8, 2022 –  CareerWise today announced its founder and CEO Noel Ginsburg has been named employer co-chair of the United States Department of Labor Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship (ACA). As co-chair, Ginsburg is the spokesperson for the employer-representative subcommittee providing background and recommendations on apprenticeship pathways including pre-apprenticeship, youth apprenticeship and degree apprenticeship.

A discretionary committee re-established by the Secretary of Labor on May 4, 2021, the ACA provides advice and recommendations to Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh on ways to optimize the apprenticeship training model to provide equitable career pathways that advance the dignity of work for everyone.

“As the Founder of a manufacturing company, I know first-hand that innovation relies on talent–and America needs more talent in our pipelines to continue to compete and thrive,” said Ginsburg. “I’m eager to share my experience with the committee and expand the nation’s apprenticeship model to create an economy that works for everyone.”

Ginsburg’s commitment to aligning education and workforce led to the creation of CareerWise, an innovative system creating new post-secondary paths to career and college through paid, youth apprenticeships. The multi-year program connects high-school apprentices with employers through a competitive hiring process. Apprentices perform increasingly valuable work while training alongside professionals, resulting in employees that are ready to step into high-growth entry-level positions in knowledge-economy fields. The model is designed to prepare students with the hard and soft skills employers are looking for in entry-level roles and reach students before the traditional barriers to social mobility are presented.

About CareerWise

CareerWise helps communities develop modern youth apprenticeship systems to establish diverse talent pipelines for industries and multiply paths to careers for students. Founded in 2016, CareerWise addresses both the skilled worker shortages across the country and inequities in education access by bridging traditional education and workforce development. CareerWise has consulted with workforce and education leaders in more than 28 states and after launching the pilot program in Colorado, helped launch programs in Indiana, Michigan, New York and Washington, D.C., making implementations faster and more cost effective based on the organization’s technology, training infrastructure and unique expertise. CareerWise is expanding. For more information on partnering with CareerWise to build career success in your community, visit


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