CareerWise Partners With OneTen to Create Career Opportunity for Young Black Talent

CareerWise today announced it has been named as an endorsed talent developer for OneTen, a coalition of leading executives who have committed to upskill, hire and advance one million Black workers in America over the next 10 years into family-sustaining jobs with opportunities for advancement. CareerWise has modern youth apprenticeship programs in Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, New York and Washington, D.C.

The network of OneTen talent developers represents leading local, regional, and national education and skill-building organizations that support diverse talent without four-year degrees to identify, develop, and build high-value skills. 

Working with OneTen, CareerWise will continue to create more equitable access to career pathways as it serves its apprentices, employers and partners. Youth apprenticeship is unique in its ability to provide opportunity through meaningful work in knowledge-economy fields. When made available to underserved talent, it drives double-bottom line outcomes: creating better business outcomes for employers, and at scale, contributing to a more diverse and inclusive economy.

“Youth apprenticeship can be transformational. We’ve seen it transform the lives of students through career opportunity, and change how businesses access early-career talent,” said Noel Ginsburg, CareerWise founder and CEO. “CareerWise’s partnership with OneTen further strengthens the value of providing workforce development opportunities for our youth. It’s not a check-the-box initiative–it makes a difference in social mobility, in an employer’s culture and can contribute to a more equitable economy.” 

The CareerWise multi-year youth apprenticeship model is industry led; employers hire apprentices through a competitive process and have driven the development of apprentice occupations and competencies. At the same time, it’s student-focused to ensure apprentices are accessing high-growth, high paying careers or opening doors to meaningful and intentional higher education. Unlike an internship, during the course of apprenticeship, students perform valuable work alongside seasoned professionals, creating workers that are ready to step into entry-level roles in fields such as business operations, financial services or technology. 

“We look forward to having CareerWise join us as an endorsed talent developer to support us in our mission to hire and advance one million Black talent in the next ten years,” said Maurice Jones, Chief Executive Officer of OneTen. “This effort will require a high functioning, multi-disciplinary coalition from corporate America, talent developers, Black talent, talent supports, and others, and it is crucial we have high quality partners like CareerWise on that team. We are grateful for the work they have already done and are excited to partner with them going forward.”


About CareerWise 

CareerWise helps communities develop modern youth apprenticeship systems to establish diverse talent pipelines for industries and multiply paths to careers for students. Founded in 2016, CareerWise addresses both the skilled worker shortages across the country and inequities in education access by bridging traditional education and workforce development. CareerWise has consulted with workforce and education leaders in more than 28 states and after launching the pilot program in Colorado, helped launch programs in Indiana, Michigan, New York and Washington, D.C., making implementations faster and more cost effective based on the organization’s technology, training infrastructure and unique expertise. For more information on partnering with CareerWise to build career success in your community, visit


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