See CareerWise youth apprenticeship in action


See CareerWise youth apprenticeship in action

Upcoming Events

2023 National Youth Apprenticeship Summit hosted by CareerWise & PAYA

Our annual National Youth Apprenticeship Summit Wed. Oct. 18 though Friday, Oct. 20 hosted by CareerWise and PAYA. This year we’re in New York City, featuring the groundbreaking work being done there with the NYC DOE, NYU, and some of CareerWise New York’s enterprise employers like JPMC, Accenture, and Amazon.

During our time together, you’ll hear why and how employers are leaning in to scale youth apprenticeship, meet apprentices and learn from their experiences, and learn how K12 and postsecondary institutions are changing systems and structures to ensure learners are able to fully benefit from the value of apprenticeship. Session and breakout topics include:

– Understanding employer motivation, including an intimate conversation with JPMC CEO Jamie Dimon

– Preparing 9th and 10th graders for apprenticeships

– Building competency-based degree paths design by apprentice employers

– Preparing employers for inclusive workspaces

– Sector specific pathways including Education and IT

– State policy that enables scale and sustainability

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