Technology Product Owner

Daniela Blagoeva

Daniela Blagoeva serves as the Technology Product Owner at CareerWise USA. With over six years of experience in local government, non-profit organizations, and startups, Daniela first joined CareerWise as a Customer Success Manager at CareerWise Colorado. Prior to joining CareerWise, she was the Community Manager at an EdTech startup that aimed to provide equitable access to education for all learners. Daniela’s work in the education sector rekindled her passion for expanded learning opportunities and initiatives focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion, leading her back to the non-profit sector.

Before entering the startup world, Daniela earned her BA in International Relations from Florida International University and worked in the local government sector at Broward County, Florida. Later, she pursued an MPA at the University of Colorado Denver and supported Colorado’s industry, community, and workforce efforts at the Colorado BioScience Association and the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce.

Today, Daniela resides in Denver with her partner.