Tools, Technology & Process

Our Experience is Your Headstart

Core to CareerWise’s program and the implementation assistance it provides to community partners is the transfer of tools, technology platforms, documented processes. Along with the consultation based on ongoing implementations across the country, the youth apprenticeship can be launched with modifications to ensure the program suits the education and industry environments in your community.

To ensure the highest level of assistance, CareerWise has built a Community Partnerships team, which provides consistent, ongoing support to our community partners; additionally, our cross-functional subject matter experts commit time to delivering trainings and offering advice on a variety of topics.

Here’s a sample outline of the kinds of the initial consultation and trainings CareerWise can provide to a community implementing a youth apprenticeship program:

  • Strategic plan, budget, and work plan development
  • Trainings delivered to community partner implementation team:
    • Using CareerWise technology platforms
    • Successfully recruiting new business partners
    • On-boarding new business partners
    • Practicing effective case management
    • Developing partnerships with K-12 and higher education partners
    • Messaging youth apprenticeships to a variety of audiences
  • Trainings delivered directly to local community stakeholders:
    • Supervising an Apprentice (training provided to business partners)
    • Coaching and Mentoring an Apprentice (training provided to business partners)
    • Apprentice Professionalism Bootcamp (training provided to newly hired apprentices)